The idea was simple: « Create an International Fast Food chain that delivers locally made African staple dishes. »
To us, it is time to turn the ball around.
We have witnessed how the big names in the fast food industry (MacDonald’s, KFC, etc) have invaded our continent in recent decades. During this time, what we have essentially done is embrace other cultures without adequately sharing our own cultures to the outside world.
In order to nurture this idea, we chose to start from home – Cameroon, where the cultural diversity especially from a nutritional standpoint is very rich. Cameroon’s heterogeneous population, consisting of approximately 250 ethnic groups, offers a rich variety of uniquely prepared staple meals.
As they say, charity begins at home so we chose to use the staple dish of the highlands of Cameroon (West and North West provinces), to identify our Fast Food idea. This dish is called “ACHU” and constitutes basically mashed cocoyams traditionally served on boiled cocoyam leafs in a circular form and eaten with yellow palm-oil based sauce and pepper.

  • The name « Yé-Lô » basically refers to the colour « Yellow » of the soup used to eat Achu.

Why Yé-Lô ?

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